Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique (ART) is a cutting edge soft tissue management system that deals with injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. It was developed by a chiropractor, Dr. Michael Leahy, who works with the U.S. Olympic team, the Denver Broncos and many other athletes. But it's not just for athletes. It's for anybody who has injured the above mentioned structures either through trauma, or repetitive stress. Dr. Baer is one of three chiropractors in Kentucky area certified in ART.

ART has been successfully used to treat many conditions including back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascitis, sciatica, knee and shoulder pain to name a few. These conditions are often the result of overuse injuries which can manifest in three ways:

All of the above will cause your body to form scar tissue at the injured site, and left to their own devices these tissues will repair themselves in a haphazard manner forming dense scar tissue where nice smooth fibers existed in the pre-injury state. Scar tissue results in altered biomechanics of the muscle which in turn can result in more tightening and injury to the muscle. This sets up a cascade effect which can increase the forming of tough fibrous soft tissue. Scar tissue and the resulting formation of shortened muscles can in turn put tension on tendons, causing inflammation and resulting in tendonitis. It can also cause nerve entrapment resulting in radiating pain that can often mock carpal tunnel syndrome and can cause nerve conditions like sciatica.

Headaches are often the result of tension in the neck which is usually the result of scar tissue formed due to previous injury or joint dysfunction in the neck. A combination of chiropractic adjustments and ART have been very successful in treating headaches.

Active Release has over 500 protocols to treat muscle conditions. During a treatment we assess your special condition and determine through palpation, strength and range of motion testing which muscles need treatment, and also if there are spinal adjustments which can aid in this treatment. If your injury is long standing more treatments will be needed to break up scar tissue, and then to lay down fibers in the correct manner which will lead to proper healing. If we can get to the injury before scar tissue formation, often less treatment is necessary. This way we can encourage proper healing before the scar tissue begins to form.

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For more information on A.R.T. visit their official web site at Active Release Technique and feel free to call our office at 502-479-9885, with any additional questions.