NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy)

Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) is an advanced neuro-diagnostic technique which is designed to identify and help treat dysfunctional movement relationships in your body. It systematically identifies compensations in the body and quickly aids in reprogramming the neural connection between overworking muscles and your brain so that the right muscle can do the work again. The amazing thing about the human body is that it will always find a way to get the job done. If your glutes are numb from sitting all day, your hamstrings or erectors are more than willing to help out with hip extension. These kinds of compensations are faulty movement patterns stored in your cerebellum that are often the cause of your pain. Through using NKT, Dr. Baer can correct these patterns and re-establish more functional ones.

A lot of techniques find tight muscles and rub them out, sometimes in a very painful manner. The problem with that is two fold. First of all, muscles can be tight for two reasons. Either they are tight because they are overworking, or they are tight because they are weak. If you rub out a weak muscle you will weaken it further, thus making the condition worse. For example, a lot of times the psoas muscle tends to be weak, but most soft tissue techniques tend to rub out or stretch the psoas, thus furthering the dysfunction. NKT helps identify which muscles are weak and which muscles are doing the work for the weak ones.

The second problem with indiscriminately rubbing muscles is that even if you are working on an overworked tight muscle, if you donít identify the muscle it is compensating for, the body is always going to fall back into the same pattern. That is why some people have chronically tight muscles. They get deep tissue massages, yet the same tight muscle, such as their upper traps, doesnít seem to improve. You can train your glutes all you want, but if you are predominately using your hamstrings instead, you are just going to develop chronically tight hamstrings and maybe resultant hip or knee problems.

In NKT we not only identify these compensations, we give you corrective exercises to re-establish the correct motor patterns between the brain and the muscles that should be doing the work, thus breaking the pattern of dysfunction.