Functional Rehab

Dr. Baer has studied with some of the pre-eminent rehab specialists from around the world including Dr. Craig Liebenson, Dr. Stuart McGill, and Dr. Gray Cook to name a few. These experts transcend professional lines, one is a chiropractor, one is a PhD and one is a physical therapist. What they all have in common is that they look at the body from a big picture functional point of view. How does the body function as a whole and what key link broke down that contributed to the problems you are experiencing? A lot of people look at parts individually such as your shoulder or your knee and try to fix them by working on that part. But unless you get to the root cause you are only putting band-aids on the problem.

Dr. Baer looks at your posture, gait, joint movement and soft tissue mechanics to determine what your main issues are. While receiving treatments in our office, you will be given home exercises specifically designed to complement your treatment and not only get you better faster, but help prevent episodes in the future.

All this being said Dr. Baer is not a personal trainer. All the work he does is designed to relieve your pain and improve the way your body moves. If your goal is to get more physically fit and get back to a work out routine, he can get you to that point and pass you back to your personal trainer or refer you to one of the many excellent trainers he works with.