Functional Taping

It is getting to be that you canít watch a sporting event without seeing this funny tape adorning more and more athletes. In the last Olympics multiple colors of tape could be seen in several events from beach volleyball to diving. More and more NBA and college basketball players can be seen wearing tape to help them play through their injuries.

So what is this strange tape and what does it do? Kinesio and Rock tapes are the new wave of sports taping. It is a very light and stretchable tape that provides support yet allows for movement. Depending on how it is applied the tape can provide pain relief, promote healing, ease muscle spasms and provide support to injured joints and muscles. It has replaced the taping that immobilizes joints, because it supports the newest research that shows the sooner you begin to move an injured joint the faster it will heal.

Functional taping will get you back in the game and give you support as it promotes healing. It works because it stimulates your biggest sensory organ, your skin, to send pain relief signals to your brain. Dr. Baer has extensive training in Kinesio and Rock tape. Proper training assures that the tape is applied correctly to obtain the result desired. Dr. Baer has used tape for torn rotator cuffs, tennis elbow, sprained ankles and back spasms to name a few.